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We respect the quality and security of our products and production processes

In order to maintain the levels of excellence, quality and acceptance in the international markets where we commercialize our banana, Cavendish variety, we have been implementing a strong certification plan that allows us to validate our production processes, product or management systems.

Below you will find a brief presentation of the certifications obtained by Grupo Esfuerzo and the compliance with the international standards in various fields.

Global GAP

Set of standards arising in Europe and concerning the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), that ensure food safety, environmental impact, health, security and welfare of the workers and animals. Currently, this is the world’s leading assurance program in agricultural production.


Evaluation that GlobalGAO reinforced in order to adapt to the new quality requirements in the agricultural production and the supply chain. It improves the positioning of the producer and gives greater security to the consumers. Regarding the Cavendish banana, this standard establishes preventive protocols, specifically in biosecurity, to avoid the disease known as ‘Foc 4’.


Focused on people, this tool manages the good practices in risk assessment. It is a voluntary standard designed to ensure that the social and labor regulations are properly carried out in the farms or productive plants, and it is linked to the standard of Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA). GRASP calls for assessment, improvement and demonstration Social Practices in Human and Labour Rights, Protection of Children and Youth, Enforcement of Labour Law, Equal Access to Education and Free Representation of Workers.


Food Safety Modernization Act (FMSA), ley emitida por la FDA de Estados Unidos para ampliar el radio de acción de las medidas para prevenir la contaminación vinculada a la inocuidad de alimentos, tanto para humanos, como para animales. Por su enfoque preventivo regula a proveedores de alimentos e importadores extranjeros y gira en torno a cinco principios: prevención; inspección y conformidad; respuesta; importación y alianzas reforzadas (colaboración con actores gubernamentales, nacionales y extranjeros).

Rainforest Alliance

It is a seal given to agricultural products, forest products and tourism companies after complying with a certified program which means that the product or ingredient was made under methods based on sustainability.  It verifies the best practices in forests, climate, human rights, and livelihoods. For agricultural products, the seal attests that the product was grown on farms certified according to the Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agricultural Standards or the Sustainable Agricultural Code of Conduct (UTZ). 

Carbono Neutral

Verification given by the Neutral Carbon Country Program (PPCN) of the Costa Rican Climate Change Directorate for companies and organizations that report their greenhouse gas inventories and demonstrate a series of actions to reduce, remove and offset emissions. The goal is to support the country’s efforts for decarbonization.

Biodiversity Check Agrícola

Verification given by the Neutral Carbon Country Program (PPCN) of the Costa Rican Climate Change Directorate for companies and organizations that report their greenhouse gas inventories and demonstrate a series of actions to reduce, remove and offset emissions. The goal is to support the country’s efforts for decarbonization.


It is an assessment and audit of good practices in ethical trade aimed at demonstrating the buyers/consumers, interested in knowing under which conditions a specific consumer product is produced, that it complies with certifiable ethical standards in the areas of health and safety, labor standards, environment, and business ethics.


Voluntary program which seeks safe international trading. It allows the company to comply with an adequate management of control and safety of all its productive processes, packaging, shipping and freight transportation whose destiny is the foreign market. This certification establishes controls so that the international mobilization of the product is not used for drug smuggling or trafficking.


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